reversible fabricnelliBOWLs
functional art, meaningful gift
Fun and functional art, nelliBOWLs are sewn from repurposed, vintage, or custom fabrics.  Each one is unique, all are reversible for two different styles.

You know those fabric things you inherited and keep in the closet?  Quilts, aprons, neckties...that kind of stuff.  You can't actually use them, yet you can't bear to throw them out.  They have outlived their purpose so... repurpose them!

I can transform your old fabrics into useful, meaningful nelliBOWLs.  One quilt can become enough nelliBOWLs for every one of your grandmother's descendants.  And they're EZ 2 SEND, lightweight + unbreakable.  Taken along, they practically disappear in your suitcase.  There are nelliBOWLs all over the world: Germany, Korea, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, and the U.S.

nelliBOWLs are also available sewn from my own fabrics, like vintage curtains, hand-dyed silk remnants
, mod 60's prints, t-shirts, flour sacks with print, and embroidered linens.
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