reversible fabricnelliBOWLs
functional art, meaningful gift

    I've been an illustrator for over 25 years, so my sewing is very much like my painting and drawing.

     My 1976 Kenmore sewing machine is just another tool.  It's exciting for me to see what happens when colors are juxtaposed and integrated.

     The colors of stitching overlap, just like translucent watercolors, or chippy strokes of pastel.  Depth and new colors develop as I add contrasting colors and varied shades of thread and fabric.  Each side of a bowl has its own color palette.

     nelliBOWLs can hold anything dry, from spare change to garlic.  Larger, custom made bowls can hold bread rolls or remote controls.  Not only does each bowl flip to the other side, you can also turn the edge over to set off a vase or candle. 

     They travel well and take up a mere sliver of space in your suitcase, providing a bedside vessel for your jewelry and watch. 

Three standard sizes* add to their versatility:  7 1/2" + 6" + 4 1/2"
nelliBOWLs even look good empty!

*Measuring the diameter at the bowl's rim.  Sizes are approximate due to variables in fabric thickness and grain. A 10" nelliBOWL can be ordered.
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