reversible fabricnelliBOWLs
functional art, meaningful gift

all sorts and sizes

These are made from: bark cloth curtains, napkins, dishcloths, t-shirts, quilts, and remnants.  Scroll down to see recent nelliBOWLs and new Hanging Hearts.  These have been sold, but if you see a particular design that you like, I can create a very similar one.  Each bowl is unique.
 Custom work has included nelliBOWLs made from mothers' hankies,  grandmothers' and fathers' clothing, great-grandmothers' quilts, husbands'  neckties, and family drapes.  Hanging Hearts are a lovely reminder of someone  dear, wherever you choose to display them.  
bark cloth curtain grandmothers quiltgrandmothers quilt
 antique drape and silk remnants  bark cloth curtain
 bark cloth curtains kitten curtain, napkin + skirt, linen towel
 vintage dish cloth + fabric paint ribbon scraps + dyed remnant
 t-shirt theater costume scraps
 hand dyed silk remnant + silk skirt silk blouse + remnants

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